Why Is This So Hard?

Leading an organization can lead to a lot of self-doubt. Stress and anxiety can be overwhelming. You may have days (or nights) when your inner monologue sounds something like this:

“Why do I feel like I am always under water? Why do I feel like every day I get up, go to work, and the entire world is on my shoulders? Why does it come with so much sacrifice? How long do you continue to pick up the pieces until enough is enough? Why do I feel like I have to choose between being good at my career and having any sort of personal life? Why am I struggling with this so much? Why do I feel so guilty when I need to take a day off? Why do I have to worry the whole place is going to come crashing down if I’m gone for 5 minutes? How can anyone possibly be responsible for this many things? Should I just give up?”

“Why didn’t anyone tell me being a leader would be this hard?”

Here’s the truth: Being a leader is a commitment. Just like a marriage, you have to work at it every day. Becoming a great leader does NOT happen overnight. It takes hard work, consistency, accountability, compromise, devotion, problem solving… the list goes on and on. But it certainly does not have to take over your life in order for you to be great at it.

Being a leader should become your purpose, not an obligation. It doesn’t just stop the minute you leave work. It translates into everything in your life and in the lives of others. To become great at anything, you have to be dedicated to it. You have to want it. You have to be willing to put in the effort. 

Most of us were not born with all the tools and skills necessary.

The good news! Those skills can be learned. You can be great at it! And you don’t have to sacrifice everything in your life to get there. 

What separates you, the company you represent, the services you provide, or the product you sell, is 100 percent up to you.

The one thing I know for certain is that being a great leader can change lives. It creates opportunity, promotes success, builds foundations for growth, and opens the door to financial freedom. Most importantly, being a great leader becomes rewarding, fulfilling, and purposeful. Both for yourself and the teams you lead.

Trust me, this world needs you! There are not enough great leaders out there. You are blessed to have a platform that can really make a difference.

Let’s chat about how we can get you there!

You are destined for greatness.