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Testimonials  +  Reviews

Marissa review

"Finding someone to coach and guide you in your career who sees your goals, and makes your success their number one goal is a rare find! Rebekah understands what it means to be a true leader and helped me see that in myself every day even when I couldn't. Few people in this world truly thrive off the success of those they teach and help grow. I've been blessed to have her in my corner most of my career and have thrived because of it!"

Marissa Delgado

Corinne review

"Rebekah has been such a major support system  in my professional career. She can always see when I need a little pick me up even before I realize I need it. She will call you any hour of the night to give you the advice that you need to hear. She is always willing to go that extra mile to make sure you achieve your goals and is first to recognize her team for their successes. Sometimes all you need is a kind word from someone you look up to make you feel comfortable in what you are doing. Rebekah will always be someone I admire and respect, a mentor and a friend."

Corinne Hodgson

Earl review

"When I first started working with Rebekah, it was very clear she was extremely career-driven and had a no BS attitude when it came to work. Very quickly I realized she was also a people person with an acute sense of others wants, needs, dreams, desires and goals. She was not like the other chefs I had met in my life. Rebekah was not in it to make herself the center of attention. Everything she does is for her team. Not just to make the company better but to better her teams lives in and out of work. I am only one of many who see Rebekah for the truly amazing person she is. I have no doubt she will continue to better many people's lives just as she has done mine." 

Earl Maekem

Pat review

"Building teams, creating systems, setting expectations, and  identifying inefficiencies are only a fraction of what Rebekah Goldman specializes in. Trustworthy, consistent, goal oriented, and remarkably perceptive make her qualified to evaluate and assist many situations. Her dedication  to seeing a project through while training and developing staff is unparalleled.”

Pat Christofolo

Lisa review

"As a natural leader and teacher, Rebekah created Standard Operating Procedures. She spent an enormous amount of time training existing and new staff to fully understand and follow food safety guidelines, and in some cases, the basics of working in a kitchen. Of course, this not only allowed for an extremely organized kitchen environment, but it also built confidence in employees, and allowed them to work together as a team for a common goal. Rebekah has been a great asset to our team."

Lisa Tarsitano

Kelly review

"When I first met Rebekah, I was 19 years old and just out of culinary school. She took a chance on me, and turned me into what I like to believe is a successful chef. I had no idea what I wanted to do in my career and she was there to guide me as I learned. The best thing about her is that she sees the best in people before they see it in themselves. I believe some people are born to be leaders and some aren’t; that doesn’t mean they can’t be taught. She knows the process of how to get someone there like the back of her hand. I owe her a lot and I am very thankful that she took that chance on me. The Rebekah I know sets her mind to something and doesn’t stop until she gets the results she wants."

Kelly Marcanti

Angie E review

"Rebekah is a true visionary, she has an amazing ability to create and see each individual piece and person it takes to make a project happen... She creates a fun, positive, productive environment that is truly gratifying to be a part of... This world needs more people like Rebekah. She makes you feel like you can accomplish anything and is there to help you each step of the way."

Angie E.